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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 5, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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he was controversial and at times an outspoken opponent of the united states. hugo chavez has died at the age of 58. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm maureen naylor in for gasia mikaelian. we will get to that story in a minute. but first a gas leak in san francisco that caused the evacuation of four buildings and a shelter in place at a hospital is just coming to an end. a 2-inch gas main this afternoon collapsed because of construction work. it happened at san jose avenue and duncan street near st. luke's hospital. now we just spoke to a pg & e official who says the pipe broke after a construction crew dug a deep trench without shoring up the wall. the pipe twisted and broke. this all happened around 3:15 and pg & e crews stopped the flow of gas in about an hour. the evacuations and shelter in
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place order were lifted in the last hour. streets in the area have also been reopened but four apartment buildings are without gas but repairs should be finished by 7:00 tonight. now back to the death of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he's been sick for some time and he was only 58 years old. robert handa is live with the reaction of the venezuelan community here. >> reporter: well today that atmosphere shifted a bit as news came that the venezuelan leader had died.
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today venezuela's vice president lashed out at the country's enemy. chavez's declining health loomed over the country. >> there was this feeling that he really was already dead. but the government didn't want to say something. i don't know what the real truth is. but it was kind of an uneasy situation. not knowing what was going on. >> he was popular with the poor because he spoke a language that they understood. and also to give him credit, he was one of the first presidents that ever really paid attention to the masses. >> reporter: still nancy and others we talked to have those mixed feeling about chavez even now. in venezuela, the government is calling for people to come
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out to show the sadness of the loss. >> reporter: the embassy operating consulates in other cities including san francisco and chicago. flags are also expected to be lowered there as well. president obama issued this statement today about the death of hugo chavez. he said quote the united states reaffirms its support for the venezuelan people and its interest of developing a constructive relationship with the government of venezuela. a neighborhood is still trying to dry out after a leak that caused a sink hole. david stevenson is there. >> reporter: as this west portal neighborhood prepares for rain, we learned from mayor ed lee his plans for flood victims here. >> yeah i see a lot of water. >> reporter: it's one of marino's prized collectible.
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a phone book featuring his father's name warped and damaged after a water main evening. >> any sense of your losses? >> a lot. most of it was memorabilia. my wife has a lot of memorabilia. she had a stamp collection that looks like a total loss. >> reporter: the ruptured pipe damaged 23 homes at least a half million dollars has already been spent for clean up and repairs. occupants of three red tagged homes on the edge of this sink hole will be kept out until this sandy soil dries out and stabilized. >> we're sure they'll be out for a period of six months. >> reporter: meanwhile crews are replacing the water main. mayor lee told us he will visit homeowners at the scene tomorrow. he says some houses will have to be rebuilt. >> being honest with them so they can repair their lives. >> reporter: the puc repaired minor roof leaks but said the
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upcoming rain should not damage any of the upcoming rain. >> reporter: the city will soon reopen an office where residents can get help from an assortment of businesses. the storm is making its way to the bay area right now. bill martin is here now with the time line of when the rain will arrive. >> we have rain coming our way right now and that's good news. because we certainly do need rain. it was dry january, pretty dry february and here we are in march and we're going to get it. this is a nice looking weather system, it's not huge but it's cold. this is where the moisture is coming from but the cool air. it has a rotation that's bringing cold air from the gulf of alaska. there's a little bit of moisture tap. not a ton but there's a little bit that's going to bring the rain to the area. especially as we move into the
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10:00, 11:00 hour. clouds increasing in the north bay. you see some light sprinkles showing up around point arenas. you see showers showing up toward bodega bay, out toward windsor. you see shower activity out here. here's the deal, the system has got a couple of -- to it. when i come back i'll kind of put that all together. either way you have rain coming, you will need umbrellas and you will need to drive slowly. you can get storm track information any time by going to or by using the ktvu mobile app on your phone. a plane made an emergency
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landing after signs of engine failure. the captain had received notification about a possible fire in the right engine. the plane is operated by horizon air and was removed from service for inspection. there was also a brief runway closure but airport officials say it did not cause any other flight delays. all of the 48 passengers on board that plane were put on another flight to boise. a registered sex offender is in jail tonight after he was caught spending over the bed of a sleeping woman inside a home he had broken into. the woman says she woke up at 3:15 this morning and saw the man and then she just started screaming. he is described as campfold. he ran away and she called 911.
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>> we found some women's panties. which is suggestive of predatory behavior. we're dealing with a pretty dangerous person. >> police say kempfold was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time of his arrest. san francisco police have recovered their assault rifle that was stolen from a department vehicle. an ar15 similar to this one was stolen from the trunk of an unmarked police car saturday night. the car was locked and parked in the south of market neighborhood. the weapon was found last night across the bay at a home in oakland. >> oakland police department started surveillance, they developed probable cause and ordered a warrant. a weapon was recovered and several people were detained. >> the ar15 are given to officers who are especially trained. oakland police say they've
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recovered a priceless item stolen from the museum. what we learned about the suspect taken into custody. today a memorial was held for -- the caskets of sergeant lauren butch baker and detective elizabeth butler will be on display on ocean street between 3:00 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow and the public is invited. the city of santa cruz announced that free vouchers will be available at san jose's hp pavilion. buses will leave from santa cruz and scotts valley. ktvu will air the funeral live on thursday march 7th. it is a record day on wall treat. -- wall street.
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the dow was up at 125. our consumer editor tom vacar here now and tells us how those numbers can trickle down and affect everyone. >> reporter: it was a great day on wall street but also here on main street in walnut creek and main streets all over the nation. but there is one big wrinkle. generations of sheer costs thinking when they opened up their wish gift boutique on walnut creek's main street just a week ago. >> this was the time, the place and the right energy, absolutely. >> reporter: confidence has caused the stock market which has struggled for more than a half decade to finally set a new all time high and that bolsters the economy's most powerful engine, consumer confidence. >> it's a marker that allows them to feel a little more confident. >> reporter: the recovery corporate profits, housing and construction are all gaining traction. bolstering returns to retirement accounts. >> i think it will help our
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customers and help our business in that people will be a little more relaxed about their money. feeling a little more confident and willing to buy more gifts. >> reporter: even the sequester that big cut and federal spending may not derail the economy. >> we will have an economy that is softer. it is not going to throw the economy into a tail spin. it is very unlikely to cause a recession. >> reporter: but a deal in congress would help a lot. >> i think you could see a much stronger job market, you would see an even stronger housing market. >> compromises are made. i think that would contribute greatly to consumer confidence because consumers can relax a little bit. >> reporter: now here is the wrinkle. the average 401k has about $77,000 in it. in 5-1/2 year you've made less than $700 that means the market is going to have to do a lot
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better than that. tom vacar, ktvu news. more details now on the stock market. the dow's previous highest close was in october of 2007. october9 specifically. but then things started to slide. the beginning of the rescission in late 2008 2008 sent the market on a wide the roller coaster ride. the market it its bottom on march 9 closing at 6,547 but since then the dow has gone up 118%. just about four hours from now, the bay bridge is set to sparkle with thousands of lights for a dramatic display on the bay bridge. and allie rasmusen joins us. >> reporter: this press conference just wrapped up a few minutes ago.
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we are on the second floor of the ferry building and the room is packed while this press conference was going on we heard from some of the people directly involved in the project. including the man you're looking at right now taking questions from reporters. that's leo villareal he's the artist who designed this project. we also heard from ben davis. he's head of the illuminate the arts foundation who brought this project to fruition. major may-- mayor ed lee was here. major says the economic impact of the lights will be $90 million from all the tourists and visitors who will come to the city specifically to see this. but the mayor says the bay lights is about more than just money. >> the feeling that i'm going to be having the instantaneous feeling is going to be we just want another world series because it's going to bring that kind of excitement to the city. >> reporter: and it's a culmination of 15 months of installation work. 2-1/2 years of planning and
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earlier today we spoke to some of the people that made this project happen. >> there is no chance of anything going wrong. >> reporter: saeed shahmirzai was responsible for the project. the project artist leo villareal will turn on the lights remotely from pier 14 at 9:00. when he does a team of electricianings will be standing by inside the project's nerve center. it's in a windowless room in the bridge. >> we have put a few people inside our nerve center, a team of electricians and designers to be there just in case anything happens. >> reporter: tonight cafe
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americano will this hold a light watching event. >> we've definitely seen an increase in bookings. the embarcadero has been an up and coming neighborhood since i've been here in san francisco. >> reporter: the artist leo villareal he talked a lot about the inspiration for this project at the press conference and we're working to put that together for you at 6:00. allie rasmusen. will stream the lighting live. the lights are supposed to go on at 9:00. just log on to or use our mobile app to watch. a piece of art work stolen from the oakland museum earlier this year has been recovered but i'll tell you why police are still unhappy with this investigation. also we're getting a new look on what happened at a yacht stoken from a harbor in sausalito, the mess left behind
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happening now, a spontaneous vigil has broken out at the b.a.r.t. station at 24th and mission in memory of venezuelan president hugo chavez. we've been keeping an eye out on this. about a dozen folks are there now. we're going to keep an eye out on this and keep you posted on any more developments if more people show up. a spontaneous vigil going on right now. a memorial for venezuelan president hugo chavez who died earlier today. a stolen priceless gold artifact has been recovered and one person has been arrested. paul chambers has more on why the investigation doesn't stop there. >> reporter: this is an open investigation but it is good
5:19 pm
news for history buffs as officers were able to make an arrest today. >> today history was restored to the city of oakland and the state of california. >> reporter: chief jordan's remarks were regarding this jewelry box that dates back to the 1800s. the box was undisclosed at a commercial business in oakland. police have arrested andre terrei franklin an oakland parolee. this was the second burglary at the museum, the first one happened in november of last year. item that is are yet to be recovered and franklin may be a suspect in that case also. since then, the museum has done much more to revamp the security system. >> we've taken some permanent
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enhancements both to our security systems and to building improvements. we are committed for this never happening again. >> reporter: museum officials are hoping to restore the jewelry box and put it back on display. officials are trying to identify the body of a woman who's body was found almost 17 years ago. this is some of the clothing the woman was wearing along with pendant. the woman is believed to be african american, her body was found in monroe in 1988. the former technician accused of taking a small amount of cocaine from the san francisco police lab may be ready to change her plea.
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a court docket indicates the case of madden will be back in court. madden's defense attorneys have been negotiating a plea bargain. her attorney says they are still working on the the details. madden may accept a guilty plea to simple cocaine possession. the stolen luxury yacht that ran aground yesterday has been recovered and is now sitting at a richmond boat yard. the $2 million vessel named darling was hoisted out of the water this morning and suffered extensive damage. three people are accused of stealing the 82-foot yacht from a sausalito marina. they apparently used it as a party boat. the owner of the company that towed the yacht was amazed to hear that the thieves were caught. >> that is the first one where i've seen them have to get the
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perpetrators off. usually the perpetrator when it goes aground jump out and start running. siting sources familiar with the brand says apple's next iphone will be called iphone 5s. the iphone is said to be similar. the blog also reports apple is set to release their next i pad as early as next month. we have a little bit of green showing up. it's a few hours away from the bay area proper but showers headed our way after two months of below average rainfall. it's a good looking winter storm. you see how big and wrapped up it is. there's a little bit of snow
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coming down. they could see two feet of snow at the higher elevations. you can see the eureka radar showing rain. if you come in a little closer you have showers now showing up around the windsor area just north of santa rosa. let's come in real close here. if you're traveling on highway 101 you might be getting a few drops on you just north of santa rosa. all this activity is working it way into our area. the realtiming on this thing is going to be for later in the evening say 9:00, 10: 10:00 for most of us for the central bay. that's the bulk of the system. the main system is offshore. you see the winds coming up out of the south. those winds are indicative this direction. that just tells you there's a low pressure center coming. you can tell a lot from the winds. it's deep, it's strong, it's going to bring rain and some wind. we will see a winter storm warning go into effect and that will last through tomorrow.
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we will look at snow level that is will easily get down to 3,500 feet in the sierra nevada. could see an inch and a half of rain in the heaviest spots. a half inch to an inch of rain in the bay area. this isn't just for tomorrow and tonight. this is really through friday. and then maybe 1-1/2 to 2- inches. this is a two to three inch total thing. there's three prongs to it. the first one goes through tonight. the main weather band and behind it are some impulses. let's time this out. tonight at 10:00 hopefully you're watching the 10:00 news it's happening. this is the rain. on a scale of one to 10 what do we have here. a frontal system probably a six. it's not a 10. it's not like what we saw in december. here we are at 10:00 then it rolls through and there's 1:00 a.m. there's more instability and cold air behind it that could spawn thundershowers and put some snow on the peaks. your tomorrow morning's commute looks like there's going to be some wet in the roadways and
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the rain starts tonight around 8:00, 9:00 in the bay area proper. we'll see you back here in a couple of minutes. dozens of union members and their supporters have converged on city hall to protest for prowage cuts. you can see a large crowd here. the demonstration comes as the city has been meeting with the union after scaling back wages of 32 city positions. 45 positions pay far more than what their counter parts elsewhere in the area earn. this crowd has converged in the last half hour. we're told that 20 people plan to be arrested. that's according to organizers as you see here inside city hall. union representatives say the job cuts are disproportionately in women and persons of color. we will plan to track this and bring you any development as they happen. a budget cut casualty. the change being made this weekend at the white house due to automatic spending cuts and
5:26 pm
what tourists will no longer be able to do. and the one issue that appears to be the main reason for an increase in patriot groups. new at 6:00, safety fears in the mayor's own backyard. >> i've been broken into myself. >> why gene quan's neighbors will stop relying on police for protection and how else this has worked in other areas. >> and the million dollar registration -- resignation, we're learning why the retirement of a city leader will mean millions for citizens. >> and why would you do something like that. >> and why a rite of passage was taken away. nom, nom, nom.
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this march, we're kicking things off with the low fat oven roasted chicken $3 six-inch select. it's available all month long as one of our march featured values, the newest way to enjoy subway every day! subway. eat fresh. the popular tours of the white house will soon be a casualty of those mandatory budget cuts. the obama administration says it is stopping tours starting this saturday because of cuts caused by the sequester.
5:29 pm
tours that have already been planned will not be rescheduled. the visits to the white house will not resume until further notice. festival rights groups include patriot groups including dozens here in california. the southern poverty loss says anti gun control groups have skyrocketed from 149 in 2008 to 1,360 groups today. 81 of those are here in california. the report says the gun control debate has created a rage that the government might strip people of their guns. it claims the sentiment is similar to the 1954 assault weapons ban. california farmers can grow an incredible amount of food but wait until you hear how much of that food goes to waste. >> from this instrument, a remarkable discovery and why it may forever change the way you look at the sky. mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma.
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from your dinner table to restaurants it's said to be happening everywhere. and in a huge way you may not believe how much food goes to waste. some say it should be the next wave of conservation. we all know about saving and not wasting energy but what about food? ken pritchett is live in farm country near dixon with the stagger numbers of just how much food is wasted, ken. >> reporter: you may have heard the phrase farm to fork, that is the chain from where food is grown in the field to when consumers eat that food. but too often some people say that that chain ends not with a fork but in a dumpster. when it comes to growing food american farmers are incredibly productive but when it comes to making good use of that food. >> an astonishing amount of
5:33 pm
food is being wasted. up to 40% of all the food in this country does not get eaten. >> reporter: 40% of food along the way from farm to grocery to a consumer's home ends up in the trash. that's according to dana gunders with the defenses council. >> it's happening everywhere. it's happening on our farms because we as consumers don't want to buy a slightly bent carrot or not quite red apple that product never even makes it to market. >> reporter: gunder is set to testify today. lindsay cole is with ag against hunger that takes food and delivers it to food banks. >> before we came along in 1990 about 20% of the produce that was grown in our tri county area went to waste and to the landfills. >> reporter: driven in part gunder says by confuser labels such as best buy or sell by or use by. >> because consumers don't like
5:34 pm
to see today's date on a product, because they think it may not be safe to eat, grocery stores are often pulling that product off the shelf two to three days beforehand. >> reporter: the purpose of today's ag hearing was to not only hear about the problems but talk about solutions. one would be to use this excess food, instead of throwing it away use it to generate energy or bio fuels. near dixon, ken pritchett. a deadly drug resistant bacteria has turned up at hospitals around the nation. the centers for disease control and prevention says 4% of u.s. hospitals and 18% of nursing homeses have treated at least one patient with carbopenan resistant berpina. most resistance have been in
5:35 pm
patients who have had prolonged stays in hospitals or nursing homes. a new proposal to build a new hospital in san francisco was unveiled today. it will include up to 122 beds in van nuys. both are part of the pacific medical center. the project are expected to cost $2 billion and employ up to 1,600 construction workers. >> these constitutions are incredibly important to our city, to the families, to the health care of the whole bay area. >> reporter: the project will be paid for by cpmc and sutter health at no cost to the city or taxpayers. gunfire rang out at a polling place out of los angeles elementary school today. the shooting may have stemmed from a love triangle. the victim is expected to survive. a woman has been detained for questioning and authorities say they are looking for the shooter. the incident happened at los
5:36 pm
angeles residents are voting in a mayoral primary and deciding on other federal offices. as roman catholic prepare for a new pope, courts have been deciding whether pope benedict xvi will be responsible -- -- there's little evidence that it reduces bone fractures and new study indicates it may increase the risk of cancer. the fda doesn't have to follow the recommendations but often does. bay area scientists today
5:37 pm
may have answered a key question about how life began on earth. john fowler is in berkeley now with how you may be able to see part of that answer for yourself. john-- >> reporter: it now appears that all the ingredients for life all the so called complex polimers that are needed all the living things plus water are in comets much like the one you're about to see over here with your own eyes in a few days. a big chunk of interstellar snow is getting brighter and bigger a cosmic display that may amaze many people. >> i'm going to think i wish i was there with my instrument. >> reporter: uc berkeley chemist richard mathis today reported that his sensitive analyst just confirmed comic
5:38 pm
ice contains these crucial polimers. the best answer yet for where life came from. >> that first genesis was actually likely to be extra terrestrial. many other plants also contain these same genesis. >> reporter: analysts keep those genesis in these super clean hoods to make sure there was no contaminants. >> that chemistry is common throughout the universe. and likely leads to very similar evolutions elsewhere. >> reporter: think of that as you watch comet span stars. it should be visible for more than two weeks. >> reporter: all right now the clearer of your view of the sunset horizon the easier it'll be to see weather permitting as early as thursday evening. another comet could be as bright as the full moon and
5:39 pm
visible in daylight. tom fowler, ktvu. things are about to change at the airport security line. plus we're monitoring a rally you're seeing live. there's about 100 union members rallying. some of them have promised to get arrested before this is all over. we're going to continue to monitor it. we'll be right back.
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5:42 pm
john brennan is now a step closer to becoming the next director of the cia. the senate agreed to approve president obama's pick. his nomination will now move to the full senate no date has been set yet though for that vote on his confirmation. the tsa is lifting its ban of small pocket knives and equipment. pocket knives with blades shorter than six centimeters will be allowed. the changes take effect april 25th and are being made to conform with international rules. the hayward city council could make a decision tonight that will affect drivers on
5:43 pm
some of the city's busiest streets. the council is set to decide on whether to pull the plug on red light cameras. they were installed five years ago at several intersections known to have a large number of traffic accidents. critics of the red light cameras include the police department. they say the lights are expensive and also say there's little evidence proving the cameras reduce crashes. patients and mental health experts spoke on capitol hill discussing ways to improve the country's mental health system. lawmakers held a special forum as an effort to prevent mass shootings like the one in newtown. one father spoke about his son that suffers with bipolar disorder. >> what do people with mental disease want? they want help, they want people to love and a place that's safe. >> so far members of congress have not voted on any new
5:44 pm
mental health legislation in the wake of newtown massacre. i've got live storm tracker 2, lit up and ready to go. it looks nice out there but if you go to the north bay there's clouds and showers showing up. rain is next for our area. the central bay, i'll have the timing. safety fears in the mayor's own backyard. >> i've been broken into myself. >> why gene quan's neighbors will stop counting on police for protection. >> the million dollar resignation. we're learning why the resignation of a lawmakers carries a hefty price tag. >> the break in jeopardizing a bay area's schools much loved rite of passage.
5:45 pm
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> the bay area tops a new census list for having the most mega commuters in the country. mega commuters are full time workers who spend at least 90 minutes traveling 50 or more miles to work. according to the list, 2% of
5:47 pm
full time bay area workers are mega commuters living in places like san rafael, walnut creek, livermore and san jose and that's about four times the national average. >> we are seeing that top congestions places are now suddenly livermore. when did livermore become the number two congestion spot in the bay area. >> mega commuters are typically married men with wives who don't work, kids, a higher than average income and larger homes. other local residents don't have it quite so bad. the average commute is often about 25 minutes for most other people around the bay area. the city of san rafael is replacing 400 street lights. according to the marin independent journal, the city council approved the light retrofit project last night. that project is expected to pay $100,000 to replace the current street lights with l.e.d. lights. you can see on this map where the changes are going to occur. the move is expected to save
5:48 pm
the city $25,000 a year. an investigation is under way tonight after a report of an unmanned drone spotted near new york city. a pilot reported seeing the drone at the john f. kennedy international airport just after 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the pilot told air traffic controllers he saw the drone flying about 1,500 feet off the ground just southeast of the airport. the fbi and faa are now vestigating. the nurse at a senior living facility in bakersfield who refused to provide cpr to a resident who died will not be facing any charges. lauren bailiff collapsed and died. a 911 dispatcher tried to convince a nurse to begin cpr. the nurse said it was against company policy. they did not find any signs of criminal misconduct. relatives said today they do not plan to sue because bailiff wanted to pass away without any life prolonging intervention. millions in the midwest are facing their heaviest snowfall in the city.
5:49 pm
chicago is getting hammered as the storm moves east. up to 10-inches are expected to fall there. heavy snow fell in minneapolis, north dakota and wisconsin. the storm is expected to hit the east coast sometime tomorrow it could bring rain and snow there as well. the snow has been falling steadily at chicago's o'hare international airport and boy that's causing some problems for bay area travelers. we checked with sfo and they say there's been at least eight cancellations to and from o'hare. flights that are able to make it out of chicago are departing about an hour behind schedule. all right tough weather there. we're expecting more winter weather here as we turn to bill martin, you have something going on around here as well. >> the weather tomorrow could cause delays at sfo particularly. let's see what we have. that's going to give you some problems. be prepared if you're traveling nationwide. here's what we have right now. look at the increase in shower activity right around the bay area.
5:50 pm
or north of the bay area it's starting to get a little hotter on the radar. that north bay starting to pick up some scattered showers now. up toward bodega bay and santa rosa corridor. you're starting to see some showers out by jenner as well. in the last 20 minutes it's moved maybe a few miles south so it's moving into the bay area. we're expecting it here as we get into the 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 hour tonight. when i say here we draw a line across the area. when it hits that area people are going to be experiencing drizzle and rain. the main event is tonight. starting at around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and it goes overnight. by the morning commute the roads are wet and there might be a few scattered showers. right now the morning commute looks dry from the sky but wet from the road. wet on the road will do it you know that. i think the sun is coming out tomorrow too. with that more scattered showers. 10:00 tonight, there it is. come back at 10:00. we'll be here live. this is a computer model.
5:51 pm
but live storm tracker ii will be showing something similar i'm assuming. more scattered showers, the yellows representing heavier rain. another wave you see these waves coming through the 6:00 a.m. that's your morning commute. wet on the road but not much else going on. there's your 8:00 a.m. commute. maybe some stuff out by antioch and pittsburg. see how spotty it is now. a little impulse moving in on thursday morning could cause some issues as well. so forecast rainfall accumulation. you have lots of numbers, i think an inch of rain. this isn't just for a couple of days this is going to take us through thursday. so we're looking for more rain. a winter storm warning goes into effect. storm highs tomorrow, tonight it rains. that's the main event. tomorrow morning there's scattered showers. as we get into thursday we get a good chance for some thundershowers. and even friday a slight chance of showers. the mountains will get a couple of feet of snow. we will probably see an inch to the half inch of rain through thursday. so it's not just overnight.
5:52 pm
it's going to be an interesting 72 hour period. it doesn't hurt, it's going to help. today came word that changes are in store for what neighbors call a dangerous intersection in san francisco. this after a low high school student was struck and killed on saturday. jade hernandez here with why the change will take some time. >> reporter: the city council want the mayor to fix this intersection. they're still mourning the loss of their student. she died over the weekend here. we've learned today that changes will be made but it's going to take years. it's not easy crossing slow boulevard at vale and san francisco. >> the cars eventually stop it just takes a while. >> reporter: a car flew by these two students as they paid
5:53 pm
their respects to chang. chang was crossing the intersection when police say a drunk driver struck and killed her. changes are coming, the city's public works department secured federal money to fix two intersections. >> over the last five year period there's been about 60 accidents on slote. >> reporter: now the changes to the three intersections will begin in 2014 and they will take about six months to complete. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. it's being called a big success in the south bay. the amount of weapons being taken in and why it may not be the last of its kind. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months
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breaking news right now in san francisco a follow up to what we showed you a couple of minutes ago a big rally going on inside city hall in san francisco. these are seiu union workers. they are very angry over some proposed wage cuts and in fact, we are told that some of them do plan to be arrested. we haven't seen any arrests as yet but you can see it's a pretty boisterous crowd there. again upset with these proposed wage cuts we're going to keep an eye on this and bring you any new developments should they occur during ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 which is up
5:57 pm
next. a proposal for extended background checks remains in the lurch tonight as a senate economy prepared for votes on gun control legislations this week -- senate committee prepares for votes on gun control legislations this week. republicans have been stuck over democrats insis tapbs that records be kept on sales between private individuals -- insistence that records be kept on seams between private individuals. santa clara county revealed how successful last week's gun buy back was. they recovered 47 assault weapons. they're calling it the most successful gun buy back in the area. some dangerous weapons were taken off the street. >> this is a mac10 with a silencer on it. our range masters here that have an incredible amount of
5:58 pm
experience both in law enforcement and with firearms have never seen one of these. >> reporter: leaders from the south bay say they hope to hold another gun buy back today. hawaii's senators pushed for a rule. the rule would make illegal for people to take photographs of people on land they own or lease. the oakland a's and the city of mesa arizona have finalized a 20 year deal. that deal will shift the team's spring training facility from phoenix to mesa in 2015. currently the ballpark that the a's will be using is home to the chicago cubs. but after the cubs move out next year, that stadium will undergo $20 million in renovations before the a's move
5:59 pm
in. the a's were the original tenants at hohokum stadium and trained there from 1969 to 1978. new at 6:00 a warehouse sorts much needed supplies for students in the east bay. and what left these organizations just stunned. and this santa clara county supervisor left his office in disgrace. the million dollars price tag the county is willing to pay to replace him.


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